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Monday, November 10, 2008

By: Manny Otero

David Schultz Photographer

David Schultz is one of our favorite photographers to work with. Watching him work, I always wondered how he got everybody relaxed and having fun while he was taking their wedding photos. I asked him to write an article I could feature here on our website to better serve you our potential clients.

Even though you may already have a DJ, you may not have your photographer yet so this may help you in fulfilling this need for your special day. I'm sure as you read David's article, you'll see why he makes everybody relaxed and have fun while he is taking his photos. And now, David Schultz of Vivid Memories...

Manny Otero
Owner - InSane Diego Productions, Inc.

David Schultz
David Schultz - Photographer

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer using the Four Ps.

Selecting the right person as your wedding photographer will make the expense of wedding photography worthwhile, and preserve the magic and excitement of your special day, long after the work of all other vendors is forgotten.

But how to choose? To simplify the process, look at the Four Ps:
Portfolio, Products, Personality, and Price.

PORTFOLIO: Study the photographer's website to get a sense of their style.
Does it match with yours? Does the work appear to be of professional quality? Are the images solid and timeless, not contrived or gimicky?

PRODUCTS: What do you end up with after all the work is completed? Do you want a disc of images? An album? Prints? What kind of online presentations are offered? Is the work offered a la carte, or must you buy a set package?
Even a photographer with set packages will usually do some horse-trading to get you the items you're looking for. Find out what specials and incentives are offered.

PERSONALITY: You will spend more time with your photographer than any other vendor. Remember your wedding photography is designed to please you, not satisfy your photographer's ego. He or she must be a people person, and equal parts diplomat, optimist, meteorolgist, artist, organizer, clockwatcher, marathoner, and expert photographer. All else being equal, the personality of the photographer will determine if the photography is exciting and fun or just a chore. Weddings can be hectic, but the right photographer can help make your wedding day smooth sailing.

PRICE: The cost of wedding photography varies greatly. Beware of a price that seems too high or too low. A bargain can become a big bag of trouble, while paying too much is simply a waste of money -- spending twice as much as you need to won't get you photos that are twice as good. Interview three photographers within your price range and you will likely find a good fit.

David Schultz: Vivid Memories Photography
Phone: 619-393-1966

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