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Thursday, December 31, 2009

By: Manny Otero

San Diego Wedding Money Saving Tips

Things You May Not Know.
 What is the busiest month for weddings in San Diego County? (Hint: It's not June anymore!)

2009 Weddings by Month:
 If the month is not significant to you or your groom, you can probably make some good deals at venues during the off months. Source: The Wedding Report

Get family and friends involved. Talent is everywhere, and believe it or not many family members and friends have talents that can contribute to making your event even more special and memorable. Find out who has the talents and skills you need to help with your event. You will be surprised by the quality of the results.

GO GREEN. The new trend in weddings and corporate events is to GO GREEN. Recycled products and items which are produced by emission producing processed are not only inexpensive but contribute to the reducing of green house emissions. Many of these products are of great quality.

Sponsorship. Ever ask somebody to sponsor portions of your wedding for free advertising? We've had clients that had Baskin Robbins sponsor a desert service for over 200 guests. The only thing they had to do was name the tables with a centerpiece plaque after the ice cream flavors the company provided.

Electronic Invitations. Today's technology provides for really cool and creative ways to invite people to your event. It can provide an opportunity for people to save the invitation electronically and even print out a copy for their scrapbooks. They can even be set up to make it easy for people to RSVP, and they can even send out reminders to your invited guests.

Great Ideas

Want to make communication easy with your guests and independent of your personal e-mail for vendors? Why not set up a wedding e-mail account. Most are FREE on sights such as Yahoo!, An example would be or even to remind everybody of the date. You can delete the e-mail account 6 months after the wedding

Want to give your guests something to look forward to? "Do It Yourself" websites are inexpensive (some costing as little as $4.95). The months leading up to your wedding can be a time for your guests to log on and catch up with how things are going. Going on a trip before the wedding? Have some pictures from special events such as dinners, evenings out, etc? Want to set up a network for you guests? This is a fun, simple, and inexpensive way to get your guests fired up for your event which will make it even more fun.

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