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A Mobile DJ/MC is more than just the person playing the music at your wedding. They are also more than just "the day of" event coordinator.  They have to be the person who helps you plan the wedding reception of your dreams.  Want some ideas on what will make your reception the best ever?  Your Mobile DJ should help you with those ideas, and that's exactly what we do!  We know you're not professional wedding planners, so if you need some ideas, we are here to help!

We know planning a wedding can be a stressful time for you, and we want your planning process to be easy, convenient, and stress free!  How do we do this for you? We've done most of the difficult parts for you such as having pre-prepared planning forms that you can use to set your dream in motion.  You can use them On-Line or get them e-mailed to you in the form of Word or PDF documents that you can download easily. This makes it convenient for you!

Go to our Event Planner Page to get On-Line with our easy Event Planner from "DJ Intelligence".

Getting To Know You

Now convenient planning forms are only one part of planning a great event.  One of the best ways for your Mobile DJ/MC to understand the vision you have for your wedding is to getting to know our wedding couples. We want to meet with you both, and ask a few questions that will allow us get to know you both better.

Why?  Because getting to know you will help us understand your needs better.  Think of it this way, wouldn't you feel better with someone who truly understands the vision you both have for your wedding day?  We want to be more than just your wedding DJ/MC, we want to become a good friend who makes your day memorable!


Once we meet and get to know you, recognize your vision, and we've given you the tools you need to make planning easier, we continue to communicate with you to see how things are going.  Planning in stages will help alleviate all the stress of trying to do it all at once.  And we don't stop there! We also want to communicate with your other vendors, because we know we are part of a team. By working together with your other vendors, you'll get better service overall AND you have less thing to worry about.

Make sure you check out our Event Planner Page to find out how easy planning can be using "DJ Intelligence."