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"The 4 Cornerstones" (Conversation, Focus, Tools, "Use It!")

Want your guests to feel comfortable and welcomed?  Conversation makes it happen.  Want the focus to you be you and everything you do during your event?  Focus makes it happen. What if something happens that we didn't plan for?  Tools can fix it and make it look like it was meant to happen. Don't want to miss an opportunity to bring that that special "WOW" factor to your event? "Use It!" not only makes it happen, but makes it memorable.

What makes us expert Wedding Entertainers? Our Features!

Personalized: A wedding is more than a schedule filled with a dinner, toasts, dancing, cake, bouquet and garter. It's a gathering of family and special friends to celebrate your day. Knowing how to personalize your event is one of the features provided to you. Creative: Want something special for your day nobody's seen before? Want people to leave your event going "Wow, I've never seen that before!" Being creative is a feature that makes your event memorable and one of a kind. Attentive: Listening to what you want (and sometimes more importantly, what you DON'T want) helps make the vision you have of your special day a reality. Convenient: Helping you plan takes away the stress you may have from the planning process. You have help so why not take advantage of it. Ideas come from everywhere, so having help with your planning process makes it convenient for you!